1964 E-Type Coupe

3.8 Liter

VIN 890018

Opalescent Silver Gray

Cinnamon Interior

Ready for a show.† Do you think it NEEDS restoring?† For some crazy reason, I did.

Admiring glances

Nephews are definitely good for something!

This show was at the beach in Fairhope, Alabama just after Hurricane Katrina.† Notice the sailboat tossed up on the beach.

Iím actually ďhelpingĒ my nephew with the detailing.

I decided it needed a serious cleaning under the bonnet, so I took it off.to make it a little easier.† I noticed that the radiator had some damage so it seemed like a good time to get that aluminum radiator I always wanted. It always wanted to run just a little hot.

Hmmm† Iím thinking that it needs a little more than a good cleaning.

My bride of 30 years, Donna, suggested a couple of years ago that I build myself a nice garage. Sheís a WONDERFUL wife. :-)†

40íx 60í, 12í ceilings,† air conditioned and itís got a lift.† I think Iím gonna stay married to her

OK, OKÖ† Iíll order a new wiring harness while Iím at it. It canít be THAT hard to install.

The brakes need some attention too..

Ya know..† While Iím this far, I might as well pull the engine. I do remember where I can get a full synchro tranny, and there would be no better time to put it in.

WellÖ† that was easier than I thought.

I think itís gonna need more attention than I first thought.

Donít try this at homeÖ unless you have a lift.

Off with the suspension..† Might as well replace all the bushings while Iím here.† Hmmm that steering rack might need a serious cleaning up too.

Kinda like a ďBlack HoleĒ† :-)

What the heck..†† Iíll just pull the rails off and get it all repainted.† Thatís the only way Iíll really get it clean.

I might as well go ahead and rip out this interior while Iím at it.

I found out that once you take all the stuff off the front that you better strap the car on the lift, or itíll fall off the back.

This car was in very good drivable condition. I must be nuts!!!

I couldnít leave well enough alone though. I wanted to improve the look of the car under the bonnet. One thing led to another and now, I have just embarked on a restoration project.† This site is an attempt to document this restoration for anybody thatís interested. Iím told I have something called ďShipwrightísĒ disease (look it up).†† :-)

These are the ďBEFOREĒ pictures!

Summer 2006

Fall 2006

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