My Garage
Text Box: I donít know why I didnít take some pictures earlier than this.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was having heart surgery.
Text Box: These ďengineeredĒ trusses allowed me to have a space 40 ft wide with no internal columns.  My Nephew was the contractor and he did an outstanding job.
Text Box: The siding is 1/2Ē OSB.  I had them use that for the exterior as well as the interior walls with complete insulation inbetween.  Itís built like a refrigerator.
Text Box: The floor is done with Rust-O-Leum 2 Part Epoxy.  I got it at Home Depot and I am extremely happy with it. Of course, I was lucky to be able to put it on brand new concrete which made the application much easier and probably more reliable.
Text Box: Finished!!
Text Box: Although you canít see the house, the brick and siding match the house so it looks like it belongs.