1988 Jaguar XJS

Color: Tungsten

Interior: Tan

Engine: 5.3 Liter (326 c.i.) V12 SOHC,

†††††††††††† Lucas Fuel Injection, 275 hp


Changing the spark plugs

Had to move the AC Compressor, Cruise Control Bellows, Throttle Capstan &† bracket and the Coil.

Somewhere in there are 12 spark plugs that need replacing.

Got the Distributor Cap off, now you can see a few of them.†

They say that you can get these out without moving the AC CompressorÖ I donít believe it!

With the AC Comp. out of the way, the front plugs are a lot easier to get to.

New Distributor Cap and Rotor, new plugs

New plug wiresÖ† Since Iím here, Iím replacing pretty much everything.

All done, it started immediately and runs MUCH better.