1988 Jaguar XJS

Color: Tungsten

Interior: Tan

Engine: 5.3 Liter (326 c.i.) V12 SOHC,

†††††††††††† Lucas Fuel Injection, 275 hp


Fuel Injection Hose

Why I didnít do this when I changed the spark plugs, Iíll never know.† I didnít even notice their condition.† Once I got the plugs in and drove it a while, I noticed some fuel seeping from one of the feed hoses.† Upon closer inspection, I realized that all of the injector hoses were cracked and appeared almost rotten.† Now I know how people catch these cars on fire.† Nothing to do but snatch the fuel rail off and rebuild it.




This is just a few of the injectors. All of the hoses were in the same condition.

After doing some research, mostly on the internet, I discovered Dave Faircloth in Jacksonville, FL.† He owns Jaguar Fuel Injector Service.† That sounded like I guy I needed to talk to, so I called him.† He was extremely cordial and helpful.† I decided that he was far more experienced and qualified to repair something so critical as these injectors.† I had Dave replace all hoses & test and clean all injectors.† When I got the rail back all assembled, it looked like brand new!

Fuel seeping

I was so excited and impressed when I got the Rail back

from Jaguar Fuel Injector Service that I got busy reinstalling it and completely forgot to take any pictures of before I installed it.† Here are a few made after it was installed.† I might point out here that reinstalling this thing is not like falling off a log.† You have to essentially get 10 of the injectors lined up with the holes in the new O-Rings that Dave supplied which are an extremely tight fit.† I have to admit that I got one of them in cockeyed and had a definite miss once I started it.† It took a little process of elimination to figure out which one it was and then, with the help of Mike Darby, my friend in the restoration biz and Dave at Jag injectors help, I was able to figure out what the problem was.† I managed to get it straightened out and now the ďBig CatĒ roars again and better than ever.† Honestly, I have owned this car since 1995 and it has NEVER run this good.† I would highly recommend that anyone owning an XJS or an XJ12 that hasnít had this done that their car is now at least 20 yrs old and more than likely is desperately in need of an injector rebuild.

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