This steering rack was nasty (see page 1), but worked great. I just cleaned it up and painted it and added new gaiters & tie rod ends.

More refurbished, repainted parts, and of course, one of many fire extinguishers.† :-)

Rear axel unitsÖ† cleaned and painted

Just got some of the Cad Plating back from the plating place.

March 2007

Iím starting to get excited now..† All the parts are starting to look good, The big hurdle at this point is going to be preparing it for painting and doing the interior (the stuff I donít know how to do).† The mechanic stuff is easy.

October 2007

The wiring is next, I have the new harness and it looks great, I just have to put it in..† But thatíll be a while yet.

The inside is nearly totally stripped now. Virtually NO rust.

The passenger door shows evidence of some damage and bondo repair.† Iím going to have to do some serious work on it to get the window frame to fit the door opening properly.† It never has since Iíve owned it.

I have stripped the bulkhead and rubbed it with phosphoric.† It needs a little blasting with a small blaster to finish it up.† I took the subframes to the media blaster to get the all prepped for painting.† Once I got them back, the news was NOT good.† You can check out what I found here.

These arenít perfect, but they are a LOT better than they were before.† I might polish a little more, but thatíll be later.

Text Box: BEFORE
Text Box: AFTER

I gotta tell ya, getting these cam covers to look like anything takes a LOT of elbow grease.† The ďAFTERĒ pic is before the final polishing but after the most of the blemishes were out.

I just got the head back on, did the cam timing, for those of you that know, thatís not an easy job† I think I understand why someone broke the ears off of the bracket thatís in front of the cam sprockets (see bottom of Page 2) but itís done and itís spot on. I pulled out the freeze plugs, of course they looked fine, but they are getting replaced nonetheless. Things are moving right along.

Text Box: Feb. 2, 2008
Text Box: Feb. 7, 2008

Well, the engine is mostly back together now.† I need to polish the intake manifold and clean up the carbs and make them look good.† Like triple carbs hanging off the side of a gorgeous DOHC engine ever looked bad.† :-)

I havenít totally committed to painting the whole car just yet.† Iíve masked it and am blasting and priming the firewall..† As you recall, it was pretty nasty.

This looks good.† Iím thinking I should just bite the bullet and do the whole job.

Text Box: May 2009