Trade Links


XKs Unlimited†† All Jaguar parts.† Ask for Armando


SNG Barratt USA†† All Jaguar parts.


British Autowood† Outstanding quality. Ask for Saul Chaplin


CoolCat Express† Many upgraded Jaguar parts


E-Type Fabs† Amazing quality E-Type frames rails. Ask for Uryk

††††††††††††††††††††††† (heíll probably answer the phone).


Jaguar Fuel Injector Service† Dave Faircloth does an outstanding job on cleaning and refurbishing your Jaguar fuel injectors, hoses and rails.† His website is also loaded wit a lot of good information.


Restoration Photo Reference and Assistance


Darby Classic Restorations† I made this site for Mike, so of course itís going to be one of my favorites

63 Jag Restoration Lots of detailed description and pictures


1964 Jaguar E Type FHC Construction and Installation Details


A very full restoration of a 1963 Jaguar XKE FHC


Classic Jaguar Restoration of a 65 OTS