Front stretch at Daytona

Pensacola Air Show

Kenny Stabler, Billy Kilmer & I

Me & “Sir Charles” Barkley

Me & Spanky (from the Little Rascals) 3 weeks before he died. Rest his soul.

Just some more pictures

Donna at age14, when we first met.  I was 16, an “older guy”.

Donna at age 18 when we were in college.


Me & G.W Bailey (Police Academy movies)

Me & Cory Everson

Herschel Walker

Donna and I


Bubba Gilliam (Blazing Saddles) & I at a golf tournament.

Tim Brando and I at the same tournament

Some other pictures

My 1936 Chevy (another work in progress).



Thanks to Don P. for my sign… cute!

The guys’ “lounge”.

This is a panoramic of my garage. Can you tell I’m proud of it?

That’s me autocrossing  in my Bugeye (circa 1972). My first British car.