I think I’d better check back there for rust.

The guy that designed this tank should be shot!!

Not much rust at all.  Pretty good shape.

It’s out

Should I take it apart?  It seems to be working just fine.

The “new” all synchro gearbox

The bottom end looks outstanding. Except for the wrong oil pick-up tube.

Notice the incorrect oil pan…

The wiring is definitely a little dodgy.

The parts are starting to accumulate.  By the way, Jason at SNG Barratt has been a GREAT guy to deal with on parts.

The new aluminum radiator.

Lots of painting going on.. And there is a bunch of parts at the cad plating place.

There really isn’t much to an E-Type’s interior.  That’s the “new” used official E-Type oil pan on the lower left.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…   I took the rear end apart.

Looks pretty clean under here

Got the diff all cleaned up, I am putting new Wilwood brakes on the front, so I’m going to replace the rear caliper cylinders with the ones from the front.

The Wilwood brakes and new brake lines.  The new disks are ordered. They will be drilled & slotted.

I had no plans to do anything to the engine, it was running better than ever when I took it out.  The only thing I wanted to do was adjust the valves. They were a little noisier than they should have been.  Well, I measured clearances, took off the cams to measure shims and found the cam followers to have a large number of scores and pits. Also there is a large bracket that goes in front of the cam sprockets. This bracket was broken off, the pieces were nowhere to be found so I presume this was old damage. With all this I decided to pull the head.

I took it to the machine shop.  Dewey Miller at Competition Heads.  He’s been around for 30 or 40 years I guess.  I used to hang out at his machine shop and talk cars when I was in college in the mid 70s. Long story short… it needs all new followers (tappets) cam bearings (just cause it’s a good time to replace them), 5 intake valves and 1 exhaust valve.  I ordered the stuff from Jason at SNG Barratt.

Broken pieces… don’t know when or where they went.  Must have been a long time ago, before I was the owner.  Evidently they aren’t critical but I’m going to replace the bracket anyway.

February 2007

I got the cover finished on the diff.

The “new” used oilpan.