OK, I have decided to do this job right.† Iíve completely dismantled everything, started sanding the finish in preparation for doing any needed body work.† There are several places that have been bothering me so now Iíll address them all..† I borrowed a homemade rotisserie for the bonnet from my good friend Mike Darby.† Itís working out great.

Someone, during the past life of this car, put new sills and new floors on it.† They did a very nice job, but not knowing I suppose, they left a visible seam at the bottom of the ďAĒ pillar and just behind the door in front of the rear wheels.† That had been bothering me ever since I bought the car.† I took this opportunity to fix it properly.


There was also a little rust through spot at the back of the left rear quarter panel.† I started sanding it and it just got bigger and bigger.† I got my friend Mike Darby to come over and we started chasing it down.† He has a lot more experience with issues like this.† As you can see below, the problem was bigger than I ever thought it would be.† But Mike got it fixed.

Text Box: January 2010

The passenger, I discovered had a huge dent in it that had been filled with body filler about 1/4 inch thick.† Rodney and I had recently purchased a 1969 coupe so I took a door off of it and after fitting it, started fairing the doors.† I was amazed, the door from the 69 actually fit better than the original.

While I was getting everything finished up, I noticed that some of the POR15 paint I had applied in the boot had started peeling.† I picked at it a little and to my surprise, it started peeling off in sheets!!† I peeled it all off, cleaned it up, and repainted it with gray Hammerite.† The first and last time I use POR15.

Itís all primed with High Build Epoxy Primer and after some final sanding itíll be ready to go to the painter.

It took two trips and the help of a couple of good friends, but itís at the paint shop.† The guy painting it is Jerry Tomacek.† He has a paint booth at his house and is well know in the area for his outstanding work.

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